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Tehran Taboo
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Tehran Taboo

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

1:30 waste of time. The movie tries to show anything negative you can find in Iran. You can create pretty much the same thing almost everywhere in the world if you just collect all the disastrous things that are happening around. For those who are watching this: I lived in Iran for 28 years ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Dark but culturally expressive storyline. Explores feminist concepts in a deeply patriarchal and oppressive society.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful and depressing. Impressed that a man made this film, focusing much on the plight of women and their lack of freedom and choice in Iran.

Anonymous picture

More caricature than film, it fails to depict any believable characters or events. And ultimately a disturbing delusion which claims to represent reality.

Anonymous picture

Hello Sepehr. I saw your comment and I am curious if you could elaborate on what elements of the film you find delusional and unbelievable and maybe a little insight into why you feel that way? If you don't mind of course.

Anonymous picture

Being born in Iran is a misfortune especially if you are a woman. Such tragic and true.

Mina avatar

I'm assuming that this depicts modern-day Iran? An incredibly engaging glimpse into Tehran life.